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FCUSD Clarifies Rumors Following Claims Of Students Denied Restroom Breaks

Male Bathroom of a School

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The Folsom Cordova Unified School District is denying any truth behind rumors circulating on social media claiming that students at Folsom Middle School were denied restroom breaks. The district says limiting student restroom stops are not part of school policy and is not happening at any of their campuses. Rumors sparked after area parents posted to social media, citing a possible connection to a dangerous social media trend called "devious licks" that encourages students to vandalize restrooms or damage school property.

District spokesperson Angela Griffin gave a statement to Gold Country Media:

“An inaccurate rumor is circulating on Facebook, regarding bathroom use at FCUSD Middle Schools. All students have access to bathrooms at all FCUSD schools. While specific bathrooms may be closed for cleaning or repairs, students have frequent opportunities throughout the day for bathroom breaks."

By Tuesday morning, the initial post gathered over 180 comments with other parents saying their child was also denied restroom use. Some parents reciting their kids' bathroom policy like only two times a semester per class and using bathroom slips in order to leave class. To this, Griffin responded:

“FCUSD schools, like schools across the state and country, have been experiencing increased vandalism due to social media posts. This behavior is costly, potentially dangerous, and can lead to bathroom closures for repairs. In addition, there has been an increase in vaping in bathrooms, during times when most students are not using bathrooms, such as during class. Students are encouraged to use bathrooms during passing periods when activity is high and chances for inappropriate behavior are low. If a student has an emergency need to use the bathroom during class time, they must check in and out with their teacher so their whereabouts are known. This accountability is for their safety and to minimize any unlawful or inappropriate activity that has been taking place."

The spokesperson says the district has a policy to use the restroom during designated breaks or with communication with teachers if during class time and that saying students are "denied" restroom breaks are inaccurate.

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