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California Public Utilities Commission Unveils Plans For New Rooftop Solar

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The California Public Utilities Commission plans to significantly reduce homeowner subsidies for rooftop solar. 

For PG&E customers, the credit would be cut in half. The commission says the new pricing system will help California’s power grid and avoid blackouts. Advocates for solar energy say reducing the credits will slow California's march towards renewable energy. This plan will be voted on by the Utilities Commission in late January

California represents a third of the overall U.S. solar residential market, leading the nation with more than 68,000 solar jobs and an estimated 1.3 million homes with solar. More than 128,000 people and 600 organizations across California submitted letters to the CPUC and Governor Newsom to raise their voice in defense of the state's NEM program leading up to the proposed decision. "At a time when wildfires and power shut offs are an ongoing problem, today's proposed decision would leave many Californians in the dark. Access to reliable power should be available to every American family, regardless of income or zip code. We believe Governor Newsom will take the right steps via the final decision on the NEM program to help keep California as a leader in our clean energy transition," said Suzanne Leta, head of policy and strategy at SunPower, about the at-risk NEM program that has allowed California to be a leader in the fight against climate change.

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