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Sacramento City Council Failed To Pass Homeless Towing Resolution

The Sacramento City Council failed to pass a resolution brought forward by Mayor Darrell Steinberg regarding the towing of vehicles that homeless people live in. 

“If we do not link cleaning up the city to adding more capacity for people that are unsheltered in various forms, we will be haunted by that decision,” explained Mayor Darrell Steinberg in a city council meeting. Instead, the council passed a resolution, which requires more transparency and reporting of housing site updates for the homeless and any enforcement action. The city said it will also work with county and business leaders to identify “safe parking sites” and other options for the homeless. Businesses like Jensen Precast claim they have spent $70,000, the equivalent to a year’s salary, on extra safety measures and cleaning up after camps near their company.

“The enforcement has to happen so that there is a level playing field with the people that are unfortunately unhoused at the time but also the rights of businesses to be able to operate,” said project manager Tim Pellegrini.

The passed resolution will go into effect immediately.

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