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Coronavirus Pandemic Regulations In Workplace Will Be Enforced In 2022

Asian office workers wearing face masks working in the new normal office and doing social distancing during coronavirus covid-19 pandemic

Photo: Getty Images

Coronavirus pandemic regulations in the workplace will be enforced in the new year. 

California workplace regulators have updated and readopted COVID safety protocols Thursday. Significant changes include requiring masks indoors and quarantining and social distancing for fully vaccinated people who have been exposed to the virus at work. Previously, a vaccinated employee did not have to quarantine or get tested unless they show symptoms after exposure. The new rules also require employers to provide face coverings and make sure employees wear them when California's public health department orders it. The new rules will take effect on January 14 and will be in place for 90 days. 

“COVID-19 transmission in the workplace is a major concern because workers and others can be together indoors for an extended amount of time,” said Eric Berg, deputy chief of Cal-OSHA. “(The rule) provides those protections against one of the greatest workplace hazards we’ve seen since the establishment of Cal-OSHA nearly 50 years ago.” The changes will be in effect by mid-January. The board approved the changes on a 6-1 vote.

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