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FDA Set To Approve Pfizer, Merck Pills To Treat COVID-19

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The FDA is set to approve pills from Pfizer and Merck to treat COVID-19, possibly as early as today. 

The pills are aimed at higher-risk individuals who have tested positive for the virus. They are able to be administered at home and the hope is they will ease the burden on a hospital system strained by the coronavirus - the FDA are set to vote on possible drug limitations and who qualifies for access to the pills, The Merck pills were nearly passed last month by a voting committee, but certain complications with pregnant omen were a concern and the decision was held off. Last week Pfizer also announced that Paxlovid, the company's version of an oral COVID-19 medication, reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% if administered within three days of symptoms in clinical trials.

Following the FDA recommendation, the U.S. government has ordered 10 million courses of the Pfizer pill and about 3 million courses of Merck’s. However, the pills are most likely to not be immediately available in widespread supply.

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