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Oroville Lake Power Plant Back Open After Low Water Level Closures


Photo: AFP

Oroville Lake's hydro-power plant is back open after being closed for months due to low water levels. 

Thanks to heavy rainfall in December, the reservoir now has enough water in it that the power plant began operating again. The power plant was shut down back in August because there was not enough water in the reservoir to power the plant's hydroelectric turbines and generate electricity. But since then water levels have risen by 76 feet thanks to recent storms passing through California. “This is a significant milestone as California sees some relief from drought conditions,” said Karla Nemeth, director of the state Department of Water Resources. “Providing clean hydropower to the state energy grid allows DWR to assist in meeting the state’s clean energy goals.”

Hydroelectricity is the state’s second-largest source of power, which reportedly provides about 15% of California’s electricity each year. State water officials say they plan to bring turbines back well as the lake level continues to rise.

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