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Governor Newsom Signs Order Allowing Continued Virtual Meetings


Photo: AFP

Governor Newsom has signed an executive order allowing state workers to continue meeting virtually until March 31st. 

The AB 361 Bill that was previously put in effect in September will extend the allowance of public agencies to continue meeting virtually due to the surging Covid-19 emergency. As Covid rates continue, many people are still opting to work from home as well as meet virtually due to guidelines. "There are few protections for people to get paid leave, if they are sick from COVID-19 right now," said Steve Smith, spokesman for the California Labor Federation. "That presents a tremendous problem, not just for workers who get sick, but also for customers, for the community at large, for our efforts in the state to slow the spread.”

Governor Newsom is also expected to announce a new budget plan for the state as Covid rates continue to spike.

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