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Extended Weather Outlook Showing Dry Weather Coming To West Coast

Vegetation Begins To Regrow Within Santa Monica Mtns In Woolsey Fire Area Helped In Part With Rainfall Amount

Photo: Getty Images North America

The extended weather outlook is going to be dry for California and most of the West Coast. 

The National Weather Service says a high pressure system is building in, and precipitation is expected to be below average through January 22nd. Forecasters say this for California, as well as western Oregon and western Nevada, while Washington state is expected to be closer to normal. Most of California’s precipitation comes between December and April from winter storms bringing rain to hills and valleys and drop snow on mountaintops, which later melts and provides additional moisture for the state, and California has so far enjoyed well above average rain and snowfall this winter. 

The Department of Water Resources says precipitation has been between 127%-150% of average, while the statewide Sierra snow pack is 133% of average. However, the state of California still remains in a significant drought, and dry weather conditions are expected to start hitting the state. “After we get through this weather system this week, things go dry. And the expectations are a drier than average January, February and March,” said California’s state climatologist Michael Anderson.

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