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Assemblyman Kevin Kiley Introduces Gas Tax Bill

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has introduced a bill to suspend the California gas tax for six months. 

Kiley's office estimates this would save Californians over 50 cents per gallon at the pump. Californians are currently paying the nation’s highest gas prices. “This bill puts money back into the pockets of families at a time when they need it most,” Assemblyman Kiley said. “Inflation and record gas prices are making our state even less affordable. Californians need relief.” Kiley took to Twitter to discuss the gas prices affecting the state.

According to Kiley's proposed bill, AB 1638 would provide immediate relief to Californians who are paying the nation’s highest gas prices. By comparison, a proposal brought forward by Governor Newsom's Administration earlier this week would pause a small increase ($0.03) on the gas tax set to take effect in July, but would not affect or reduce the current cost of a gallon of gas. Currently there is not timeline on the bill's status or when it will be reviewed.

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