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Stockton PD Release Videos, 911 Calls From Shooting Outside Headquarters

The Stockton Police Department is releasing the videos and 9-1-1 calls of a fatal officer involved shooting that took place in front of the police station. Parking lot security camera footage shows a car pulling up to park on the street near the front parking lot of the station. Then, the footage shows a shirtless man getting out of the car with something in his hand. He walks around the parking lot and waves what looks to be a gun around over his head.

The 9-1-1 calls came from 2 separate people who witnessed the man in the parking lot. The first call was from a man driving by the station who said he saw a "white guy" who was "shooting a gun into the air." The caller said he saw the gun and heard gunshots, then the caller drove away and called dispatch. The next call came from someone who identified themself as "a janitor from the police department" who was outside in a car the parking lot when the man arrived.

Body cam footage show two officers from inside the department come outside to address the man who is waving the gun, but has not fired any shots yet. He walks around, not responding or engaging with the officers. The man then lays on the ground and gets back up. Officers ask him to drop the weapon. The man then starts charging with the gun towards the officers and the building. Both officers fire multiple shots at the charging man.

Police say the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and was later identified by a San Joaquin County coroner as Angelo Weitz, 40, of Stockton. No officers were hurt during the incident. CBS 13 reports the suspect's gun was recovered at the scene and it had only one bullet left in it. The California Department of Justice and two other agencies are investigating the shooting.

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