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CHP Has $50 Million Four Year Plan For Legislator Security

California Highway Patrol wants to spend about $50 million over the next four years on security for legislators. The Sacramento Bee reports CHP wants to increase patrols between the Capitol and offices on O Street, following a temporary move of state legislators to a new state office building. The Capitol is currently under new revisions for modern amenities and improved office and committee hearing rooms.

The security plan rolled out by the California Highway Patrol would cost roughly $50 million over a 4 year period, increasing security hiring and a new "swing space" building on site to ensure personnel are on guard at all hours. There have also been requests from CHP proposal representatives for additional funding to increase security foot-patrol and bicycle-patrol in the area surrounding the Capitol building.The CHP proposal must be approved by the Legislature and the Governor. A date has not been set on that vote as of Monday morning.

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