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SEIU Local 1000 Board Member Asks To Remove President Richard Louis Brown

A board member for SEIU Local 1000 has asked a judge to remove their president, Richard Louis Brown, for allegedly misusing money.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Sacramento County Superior Court, board member Bill Hall accused Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown of misusing union money and of preventing the board from running the organization effectively. Brown was elected as president by members of the union and has upset members of the board by proposing big changes, which include getting rid of union donations to political candidates. President Brown promised a 21% pay increase and threatened to “shut down” the state of California by going on strike if the union reaches impasse in contract negotiations. He has gone after Governor Newsom's policies multiple times, and has clashed with many of the directors on the union’s 65-member board of directors.

Brown has yet to comment on these recent events.

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