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Local Teens Hospitalized Over Social Media "One Chip Challenge"

The latest social media "One Chip Challenge" has sent several local teens to the hospital. The Lodi News-Sentinel first reported that three students from Lodi High School have been hospitalized, according to a statement sent to parents from the principle Adam Auerbach. The social media fad encourages people to attempt to eat a chip made by the company Paqui that is covered in Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers. Once the chip is eaten, the goal is to see how long participants can wait until drinking or eating anything and filming the reaction for social media.

Auerbach sent this message to parents on Friday: “At this time, a number of students have already been sent home and have been referred to the emergency room because of their reactions to the substance. Anyone found in possession of these ‘chips’ from this point will be sent home immediately and will receive progressive consequences.” He confirmed in his message that consuming the chip has made some students ill and pleaded with parents to discuss the challenge with their kids and encourage them not to participate. It was not disclosed if the students have been released or when the challenge took place.

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