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Assembly Committee Passes Health Care Proposal Plan For California

Vaccination healthcare concept. Hands of doctor or nurse in medical gloves injecting a shot of vaccine to a man patient

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An assembly committee passed a proposed bill that would create a health care plan for all California residents. 

Assembly Bill 1400 was pushed forward yesterday at the State Capitol, with Assemblymember Ash Kalra of San Jose authoring the bill. It would create health care plan called CalCare, replacing private health insurance. According to recent data, estimated 3.2 million people in California lack health insurance and many are struggling with the complicated privatized insurance system. Complex essential care factors and expensive procedure and medication costs are some of the issues insurance holders face, while America’s health care industry has earned $4.1 trillion, which grew more than 9% in 2020. The California Chamber of Commerce, which currently opposes the bill, says it would create the largest tax increase in state history, but Kalra argues that it would ultimately cost employers and Californians less than what they’re currently paying for private insurance.

The committee said the plan is expensive, saying it can cost about $365 billion a year. 

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