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Omicron Surge In Sacramento Could Be Letting Up Soon

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The Omicron surge in Sacramento County could soon be letting up. 

Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye says the numbers are slightly improving, with the state’s daily case rate falling for a fourth straight day, reported by the California Department of Public Health. Statewide positivity rates are also dropping, reported at at a peak of 20.7% as of Thursday. Still, the county says hospitals are overwhelmed by patients with mild symptoms or people looking for a COVID test. Omicron continues to be the dominant strain affecting Sacramento county, and traces of the delta variant, which is associated with much more severe reactions and symptoms than Omicron, are also still being reported.

Sacramento County's Public Health Department recommends community members looking for a COVID-19 test to contact their health care provider, get a PCR or Antigen test at one of dozens of locations in the county, or purchase at-home test kits at a local drug store or online.

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