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California To Receive Another $600 Million In Wildfire Relief Funds

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California is due to receive another $600 million dollars in wildfire relief funds from the federal government. 

Vice President Kamala Harris announced Friday that disaster aid will be sent to the state after a devastating wildfire season. The wildfire allocation is part of a $1.3 billion initiative focused on cleaning hazardous materials and waste in local communities and restoring forests within the state. Following massive fires last year, debris, dead trees, plants and brush still lay in the wake of the destruction in several parts of California and have yet to be removed. Many whose homes were in the line of fire or near say they want to see the forests preserved as much as possible, and hope the money will be of good use in natural conservation efforts.

The Golden State is also receiving $48 million from the government to build more firebreaks in two national forests. The forest service will be receiving an extra $655 million per year for the next 5 years through the infrastructure law to continue to help with this process.

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