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Humboldt State Now Officially Cal Poly Humboldt Following Trustee Approval

A third California Polytechnic State University is now designated in the Golden State, marking the first in Northern California. Humboldt State made the change official on Wednesday, now presenting informally as Cal Poly Humboldt. The campus is being added to the list of distinguished polytechnic campuses due to a historic $458 million investment from the state. The investment will allow for new curricula and facilities, increased hands-on student research opportunities, and the expected enrollment growth associated with the enhanced options. The name change is expected to become official by the state legislature next year.

Humboldt President Tom Jackson, Jr says this in a statement:

"Cal Poly Humboldt will be a polytechnic for the 21st-century, preparing students to address the urgent issues our society faces. The energy, the new academic programs, the incredible polytechnic foundation already in place, and the positive change associated with our new name and designation begins today for our campus community. We look forward to welcoming new students to a CSU campus with great momentum and an unparalleled trajectory. At Humboldt, we have always 'learned by doing'. There has never been a better time for students to be a part of Cal Poly Humboldt to achieve their goals."

The change in curricula will be developed by the facility to focus on STEM infused with humanities, arts, and ethics centered on sustainability and social justice. The region surrounding the campus is rich with Native American history and tribal lands which is expected to be incorporated into the academic offerings.

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