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California In Need Of Massive Funding To Modernize Schools

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California will need billions of dollars in state funding to modernize its schools. 

Acting State Auditor Michael Tilden says schools districts have already submitted requests for almost $2 billion more than what the state can currently provide to improve current district conditions A new state audit that was released Thursday predicts voters will have to approve over $7.4 billion in bonds to pay for overdue safety and technological upgrades at K-12 schools across the state. With over 10,500 schools in California, the state auditor sees a continued onslaught of funding requests to come in the next few years, and lawmakers will have to rely on voters to help. Currently, bond funding can only be used on classrooms or other school structures older than 20 years, and applicants must front at least 40% of the cost.

While the state is already in a surplus of money, and Governor Newsom has just recently introduced a long lit of rollouts for California, state auditors recommend the Legislature consider additional funding at voting.

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