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Democrats Threatening To Withhold Endorsements Over AB 1400 Voting

Progressive Democrats are threatening to withhold campaign funds to Democrats who do not vote in favor of AB 1400. 

Caucus Chairman and California Democratic Party Executive Board Member Amar Shergill confirmed on Thursday that the group will take measures to make sure members who vote “no” on the legislation will not be endorsed by the California Democratic Party for the upcoming election. This could result in a major drop in support, activism and funding for any official seeking reelection. For an elected official to receive endorsement from the Democratic Party, district delegates must reach a consensus to support the endorsement. Shergill also said there are districts around the state where the Progressive Caucus has more than 40% of the delegates that are not going to endorse someone who fails to support AB 1400, the measure to introduce CalCare to the state..

The bill is already receiving support from the California Nurses Association and multiple labor groups across the state, while receiving opposition from medical and business groups. Currently, a new petition is circulating against AB 1400 and is being touted by a Southern Californian Assemblymember. 

The pre-endorsement process begins Feb. 5, just days after the Assembly is set to hold a floor vote on the proposal on Monday.

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