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Man Accused Of Shooting & Killing Stockton Fire Fighter Now Identified

The detectives investigating the shooting death of Stockton Fire Fighter Max Fortuna are releasing information and identification for the suspect. The Stockton Police Department says 67-year old Robert Somerville has been arrested on suspicion of being the shooter who killed Fortuna while he was responding to a dumpster fire. Somerville has been booked into the San Joaquin County Jail facing homicide and weapons charges, according to the same statement from the SPD. They also say they located a .380 caliber gun on the scene of the incident.

The Somerville family provided ABC10 with this statement regarding the incident:

“Words alone will never be enough to express the devastation and sorrow that we feel for Stockton Professional Firefighter Max Fortuna’s wife and two children. I can assure Firefighter Fortuna’s immediate Family, and all who care for Mr. Fortuna that this was not an intentional callous act in the death of Mr. Fortuna. Robert ‘Bob’ Somerville 67 is not a violent person and is a long-standing business owner (and former engineer) in the Stockton community… for over 30 years. He operates his business, and resides in the warehouse that was adjacent to where the fire occurred at 5:00am (Monday) morning. Having been a victim of constant attempted break-ins, due to his business/home being located in an area plagued with the highest concentration of homeless individuals, Mr. Somerville as recently as 1 week ago reinforced parts of his property to add an additional layer of security. It is our understanding that Mr. Somerville believed his property was being burglarized, which led to this horrific chain of tragic events. We just ask that the Fortuna Family and public please withhold judgment on the state of mind and intent of Mr. Somerville until all of the facts come to light.”

The Stockton Firefighter Union has started a fund that will go to the Fortuna family. Click here to be directed to the donation page.

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