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California Lawmakers Proposing Legislation For The Sale Of Firearms

Handgun laying on a Gun / Firearms License Certificate

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This morning three California state lawmakers are proposing legislation that would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition on all state property.

Senate Bill 915 was introduced by Senator Dave Min, D-Costa Mesa, on Thursday of this week,, and If passed and signed into law, would effectively end gun shows on state fairgrounds. The San Diego union tribute reports the senate bill would extend an existing prohibition on gun sales in Orange County to all 73 California state fairgrounds. SB 915 is a follow-up to a bill that passed last year, Senate Bill 264, which banned the sale of firearms at the Orange County Fair and Event Center. The bill is likely to draw opposition from gun lobbyist groups, with the National Rifle Association already denouncing previous versions of the bill. This bill follows a series of legislation that has been introduced recently from California lawmakers who propose more gun reform for the state, including a bill to require student's parents to detail gun ownership and new insurance regulations for firearm possession.

So far lawsuits to challenge the prohibition in of gun sales in Orange County have been met with struggle at the legislative level.

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