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Sacramento DA, Sheriff Preparing To Sue City Over Homeless Camp

Homeless Struggle To Maintain New Encampment In Sacramento

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The Sacramento County District Attorney and the Sheriff are preparing to sue the city of Sacramento over a homeless camp at the corner of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Howe Avenue.

Reportedly, over 30 men and women have been living in the encampment since last year, and both the District Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office have asked residents to submit forms, send photos and come forward regarding illegal activity surrounding the site and the individuals living within it. City officials have been monitoring the site and offering housing services to the individuals residing there, but there have still been no actions made by the city to actually have the site vacated, given the 2018 Martin vs. Boise Court of Appeals ruling that limits the ability for a city to clear homeless camps. “The District Attorney’s Office is very concerned with the conditions at the corner of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Howe Avenue and the impact those conditions have on public safety, criminal activity, and quality of life in the areas surrounding that intersection,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Rod Norgaard said.

Both offices are hoping to pressure the city to tear it down completely, now that local residents and businesses have complained about it for months. As of right now, now action or comments have come from the city on the next proposed step for the encampment.

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