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U.C. Davis Equine Director Under Suspension Over Doping Complaints

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The Equine Director at U.C. Davis is under suspension over doping complaints. 

University of California Davis Equine Director Jeff Blea is facing charges from the California Veterinary Board from when he was the vet at a horse track in Southern California from January to March 2021. Blea allegedly "administered medically unnecessary" drugs to racehorses based on what their trainers were requesting, and not what was medically necessary. Doping scandals have been a major issue within the horse-racing industry for years, and the Blea controversy comes after the recent death of Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit, and questions over whether he was injected with drugs.“The (Vet)Board alleges that Respondent Blea administered medically unnecessary and non-FDA approved drugs to numerous racehorses,” reads a Dec. 2021 complaint against the horse doctor.. “The Board’s findings and allegations established that racehorses are administered legal and illegal drugs to enhance performance in racing. Racing is not a medical condition or diagnosis”.

Blea is currently on paid administrative leave from U.C. Davis, and his lawyer issued a statement saying there's no merit to his client's suspension. A spokeswoman for the board said the board is unable to comment on pending disciplinary matters.

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