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Governor Newsom To Announce New Mask Guidelines In Schools Today


Photo: AFP

Governor Gavin Newsom is scheduled to announce new guidance for masks in schools to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 today. 

Tomorrow, the indoor mask mandate for the state is set to expire, though unvaccinated people will still have to wear masks indoors. Depending on what the Governor announces today, officials with some school districts will have to decide whether to enforce a mandate or let their students go without masks. School District leaders will reportedly call on Governor Newsom Monday to enact an endemic plan with "realistic" local control on masking and vaccination protocols for students and staff.

“They just asked for a little bit more time, and I think that’s responsible, and I respect that,” the Governor said, of teachers unions at a news conference Wednesday. “But we are also in a date with destiny. We recognize that we want to turn the page on the status quo.”

School mask mandate trends are also bring followed in New York and Illinois this week, with both state Governors enacting loosening mask mandates due to slowing COVID-19 numbers.

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