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Millions Of Californians To Go Maskless As State Mandate Ends Today

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Millions of Californians will be able to go maskless when the state's universal mask mandate ends today.

However, it will be at least two more weeks before California lifts the mask mandate in schools. California public health regulators, under the direction of Governor Newsom, are refusing to lift the mask mandates at California public schools, even though they are lifting mask mandates at indoor businesses starting today.Dr. Mark Ghaly, California's Health Secretary, made the announcement that while they no longer require masks at indoor businesses, they still recommend them.

Dr. Ghaly

Politico reports that teachers unions in California are putting pressure on Governor Newsom to keep masking mandates in place, but many California parents and state Republicans are blasting the Governor for continuing to have students wear masks at all. “The decision to force students and teachers to continue wearing masks at school is not only out-of-line with science, but is hypocritical and dangerous for the education of California’s children,” said RNC spokesperson Hallie Balch in a statement. “For two years, children have been forced to forgo a natural learning environment and have had their personal growth stymied because of out-of-touch mandates. With hundreds of pictures of celebrities and lawmakers ignoring the rules at sporting events, every Californian should be enraged that Democrats change the rules for their friends yet force children to continue to suffer.”

This mandate announcement comes just days after Super Bowl Sunday, hosted in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium, where tons of scrutiny over maskless patrons and celebrities are pouring in. California public health officials are reportedly going to monitor the latest COVID-19 numbers to see if the event at all relates to any spikes.

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