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Local Official Allegedly Tries To Help In Mass Vaccine Mandates Protests

Photo: Eleakis & Elder Photography

A local official allegedly tried to help organize a mass protest against vaccine mandates. 

Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost supposedly tried to help plan an upcoming protest on an online forum called Telegram, according to screenshots posted on Twitter. The poster identified her as a Sacramento County Supervisor, and offered to help. The posts also suggest she was invited by prominent anti-vaccine protester Gabrielle Ingram, who has led some protests during county board meetings against COVID-19 safety measures.

On Wednesday, Frost announced that she has since left those social media groups after learning who was a part of them, and assures the convoy is not happening in Sacramento “I support ending the COVID-19 restrictions, and getting life back to normal so our businesses can thrive and children can go to school without having to wear a mask,” Frost said in a statement to The Sacramento Bee. “But I absolutely denounce any violent extremists groups and want no association with them.”

Frost has been a long-time opponent publicly on the science around COVID-19 - from her post on the board of supervisors, she has voted against safety measures and has trafficked in conspiracy theories. She has also called on the county’s grand jury to investigate the CDC.

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