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Northern And Southern California To Receive Snow This Week

Close-up of car wheels rubber tires in deep winter snow. Transportation and safety concept.

Photo: Getty Images

Northern and Southern California are set to receive snow this week. 

A cold front approaching the state is expected to bring scattered rain, wind and light snow starting this week. Colder temperatures are also expected to roll through, which is an unexpected turn after Spring-like weather rolled through the Bay Area and Sacramento County earlier last week. The Sierra Nevada has been issued a winter weather advisory from the National Weather Service, where some snowfall is expected to at least the 2,000 foot level. Wind is going to be prevalent across the state , and ski lodges and travel areas are advised to be aware of the changes as the week goes on.

The light rain, wind and chilly conditions were expected to move through the state later in the week. Morning frost is expected to become more widespread by midweek, and coldest temperatures expected Thursday morning could damage flowering fruit and nut trees in the Central Valley, the weather service said.

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