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Semi-Trucks Modeled After Canada Convoy Announce Adelanto Convoy

Canadian Protesters Continue Ongoing Demonstration In Country's Capital Over Government Handling Of Covid Measures

Photo: Getty Images

A string of semi-trucks modeled after the recent convoy in Canada has announced it's starting its convoy Wednesday in Adelanto. 

Organizers say they'll drive from Adelanto to Washington DC to protest what they call "unconstitutional mandates" for the COVID-19 vaccine and masks. They say their protest will be a peaceful one and will begin Wednesday morning at Adelanto Stadium, with an estimated 1,000 semi-truck drivers in tow. Organizers say the convoy's intentions are to persuade Congressional lawmakers in Washington to lift the national emergency mandates and to to stop depriving U.S. citizens of their "fundamental rights" by enforcing masking and vaccination laws.

The organization states that the convoy is not about political parties, “but more so about a government that has forgotten its place and has no regard for our founding fathers' instructions, The Constitution.” The U.S. protest People's Convoy will replicate similar tensions in Canada earlier this month, in which truck drivers for nearly a week protested COVID-19 restrictions while shutting down the busiest border crossing to the U.S.

The People's Convoy operate via social media, where they post updates on their route on the official Facebook page.

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