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Washington DC To Deploy Civil Units In Preparation For Trucker Convoy

Special law enforcement unit

Photo: Getty Images

Police in the DC will soon deploy civil disturbance units in preparation for the possible trucker convoys that could cause gridlocks like the major blockades in Canada.

And based on all reports, the truckers plan on demonstrating peacefully, but plan to cause a major disruption on the Capital Beltway ahead of the President's State of The Union Address next Tuesday. Government officials are reportedly watching the convoy closely .

In a statement, state police said, “Troopers around the region are working with federal, state and local agencies to monitor developments … and will be ready to respond appropriately … to ensure the free flow of traffic.” It has also been reported that D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee said Friday they are keeping an eye on what might be coming.

"As for all of our First Amendment demonstrations that happen here in the city, we have to be in a posture of preparedness for the information that we know,” he said. “Obviously, we follow the trends around the country just as you guys are doing, and when we see trends that may impact us here in Washington, D.C., we prepare for them.”

Via statement, state police are monitoring the situation closely as the week goes on.

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