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Roseville City Unified School District Latest To Lift Mask Requirement


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Roseville City Unified School District is the latest school district to lift their indoor mask requirement. 

The school district sent a letter to families on Tuesday that said students have the option to wear face masks indoors. District spokeswoman Michele Perrault said they are not excluding anyone from the classroom if they are not wearing a mask. "The Board of Trustees directed RCSD on Feb. 21, 2022, to continue enforcing the state’s mask guidelines while ensuring every student is allowed in-person learning by not excluding any student from any school facility, classroom, activity or event for not wearing a mask," wrote district spokeswoman Michele Perrault. While students will be exempt from indoor mask mandates, staff and volunteers are still required to wear a mask indoors. 

Teachers are concerned about the school district's decision to violate state law mandating masks be worn indoors. "It is the district’s responsibility to ensure the laws that govern us are followed," wrote RTPA President Travis Mougeotte, "If the RUSD School Board members vote to force our teachers to violate the law, it will go against everything we, as educators, try to teach our students about right and wrong."

Any district staff with concerns regarding the masking changes have been recommended to write to their school principals and superintendent expressing concern over the decision.

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