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Governor Newsom Continues To Issue Emergency Declaration Powers

California Governor Newsom Unveils His Economic Recovery Package For The State

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This morning Governor Newsom refuses to give up his emergency declaration which allows him to issue orders with no oversight or objection from the legislature.

Parents across multiple districts are anticipating mask mandate changes within California schools, as several states are starting to ease back on restrictions for students. On Friday, Governor Newsom signed an order ending 12 state of emergency declarations, automatically terminating any associated executive orders relating to those events. "We'll continue to focus on scaling back provisions while maintaining essential testing, vaccination and health care system supports that ensure California has the needed tools and flexibility to strategically adapt our response for what lies ahead," Newsom said. Multiple public orders regarding COVID-19 are still in place across the state, and kids are still required to mask up while they're attending classes in person. Orders like these that are issued by state and local public health officers, not dependent upon an emergency declaration, said Ann Patterson, Newsom's top lawyer. Parents and anti-mask groups are continuing to rally across the state, as indoor masking restrictions for businesses and restaurants have eased within California, but school masking mandates have remained mostly in tact.

Today, Governor Newsom is expected to announce a decision on his mask mandate in schools.

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