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Support Rally For Ukraine Held In Front Of State Capitol

Overnight, hundreds gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in support of the Ukraine.

The state capitol was lit up in blue and gold Sunday night as people gathered in song and in prayer in support of Ukraine, which is currently engaged in military attacks by the Russian army. "Ukraine has shown great solidarity…right now the country is standing up, they’re going up and standing against the tanks," said Ben Navrotski, a Sacramento resident whose family and friends have decided to stay in Ukraine and help fight invading troops. Millions of Ukrainian citizens are attempting to flee Ukraine through the western border as Russian troops continue to invade from the east. Families told KCRA that options to flee the country are becoming more difficult, as Ukrainian borders are becoming heavily congested with people trying to leave. The issue grows for families fleeing while Ukrainian airports continue to be targets by the Russian military.

Sacramento is home to one of the largest Ukrainian populations in the state. There are also a significant number of Russian citizens in Sacramento as well, who have been actively denouncing the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. "The Voices of Russian Opposition in Sacramento" is currently working with local Ukrainian community on more upcoming events and support as the conflict continues.

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