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Friends And Family Mourn Passing Of Joyce Raley Teel

Photo: The Business Journals

Family and friends are mourning the loss of Joyce Raley Teel, who died from natural causes on Friday. 

Teel, co-chair and majority owner in the Raley's supermarket chain started by her father Thomas Raley in 1935, was 91 years old when she passed away on Friday. "Joyce made our community a better place," said a statement issued by Raley's Sunday evening. "We are eternally grateful for her contributions to the region and the Raley’s organization. It is now our duty to carry on her legacy by spreading kindness and generosity to our customers and communities." Joyce and her husband Jim took over the company in 1985. 

During her tenure as owner and co-chairman, she was heavily involved in philanthropy, creating the Raley's Food for Families nonprofit to address hunger amongst needy families. According to Raley's, since its founding in 1986, the nonprofit has provided more than 42 million meals to the needy. Teel was also known for significant donation history and charity work outside of Raley's, with her donation being the largest to create CLARA, studio for multiple arts organizations at a converted former school in Midtown Sacramento. CLARA's full name, the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts, was named for Teel's mother.

Her son Michael is now the CEO and majority owner of the company.  

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