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New Details Emerge From Sacramento Church Shooting

Photo: Robert Petersen

New details are coming out regarding the shooter from the Sacramento church shooting that happened Monday that left 3 young girls and a social worker dead. 

Davis Mora Rojas is identified by the Sacramento County Coroner as the man who open fired in the church. Authorities said Rojas has a long history of violence, which caused the mother of three to file a restraining order against him last year - Rojas was recently arrested for a DUI and for the battery of an officer and nurse, according to CHP, and officials say Rojas was arrested last Tuesday, the same day he hit the police officer in the head. He reportedly assaulted the nurse when she tried to draw blood from him after the arrest. Governor Gavin Newsom took to Twitter to express condolences and described the shooting as "another senseless act of gun violence in America."

The mother of their shared children cited concerns over his mental stability and requested a friend of hers, Nathaniel Kong, 59, to be present during visitation hours - he was also killed in the shooting. According to the Gun Violence Archive, the incident is now classified as the 70th mass shooting of 2022 in the United States -- with at least four people injured or killed, not including the shooter.

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