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Millions Of Californians Could Lose Health Care Coverage This Year

Doctor injecting covid-19 vaccine to senior man at his home.

Photo: Getty Images

Millions of Californians could lose health coverage this year as federal taxpayer money that was used to expand insurance qualifications during the pandemic runs out.

Increased federal money went to a majority of California residents who enrolled in Covered California. “The law lowered premiums and boosted enrollment — with the biggest beneficiaries being communities of color, lower-income Americans and many in the middle class who got help paying for their coverage for the first time,” said Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California. “In the absence of federal action to extend these policies this year, people in California and across the country will have their access to health coverage and care dramatically reduced.” Counties will be able to redetermine Medi-Cal eligibility for their beneficiaries on a regular rolling basis, based on their next annual renewal date, rather than having to reach all beneficiaries at once.

The federal program reduced their health care cost to just $10 or less per month. Californians who depend on Medi-Cal coverage also will be affected if other pandemic-related measures ends as expected towards April

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