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KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Tuesday March 8th

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  1. A California Assembly Member brought a loaded gun to airport security at the Sacramento International Airport. The Sacramento Sheriff's spokesman said Jim Cooper was stopped by TSA when they found the gun inside his bag. According to state law, no one can have a firearm with them at an airport. There is an exception for retired peace officers, but it's still illegal to bring one on a plane. 
  2. Governor Newsom will deliver his state of the state speech later today. The theme of the speech remains a mystery. Newsom has already unveiled large parts of his spending priorities for the next fiscal year.
  3. President Biden announces ban on Russian oil imports. President Biden spoke to the nation about "actions to continue to hold Russia accountable" for the war in Ukraine. There has been pressure to cut off Russian oil imports as that nation wages a nearly two-week long war.


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