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Sacramento State Students Can Go Maskless Starting Next Friday

Sacramento State students can ditch their masks starting next Friday.

School administrators say students, faculty, and staff will not need to wear a mask in most places starting next week. Masks are still required on transportation and health care facilities. Sacramento State President Robert S.Nelsen said Sacramento County’s positive case rate has hit lowest tally since June 2021, and the campus rate showed similar trends. Nelsen expects the decision to now lift the mandate to be welcomed with mixed emotions.

“Some students, faculty, and staff will look forward to coming to campus and being able to greet their colleagues without masks,” Nelsen said in a letter to students and staff. “Others will be concerned about exposure and possibly taking the disease to their homes where there may be small children or persons who are immunocompromised. This transition will not be easy.”

Though they will no longer be required, masks will still be encouraged for all students, staff and visitors to the university who feel more comfortable wearing them on campus.

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