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Rain Expected Today And Tomorrow North Of Sacramento

Blurry Windshield With Water Drops From the Rain in Traffic

Photo: Getty Images

The National Weather Service report this morning a quarter to half-an-inch of rain is expected today and tomorrow North of Sacramento.

According to official reports, light showers are to be expected, generally north of Red Bluff, Saturday night into Sunday morning. There could also be potential for light showers late Monday into Tuesday, with areas like Grass Valley getting possibly about one to two inches of rain.

Drivers are advised to be careful on their Tuesday morning commutes, as roads may be slippery and slick. With tonight's scheduled rainfall, it will be officially 66 days since Sacramento has observed any measurable amount of rain, a record dry streak during the wet season. This storm is expected to approach from the west, keeping warm air in place, and is also expected to shift east into the foothills in the afternoon as the valley dries out. This will also result in high snow levels near 7,000 feet.

Weather Service officials said the rain should start this evening, and most of it should fall tomorrow morning.

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