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California Lawmakers Reject Plan To Halt Gas Tax

Gas Prices Remain Historically High As War In Ukraine Rages On

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California lawmakers have rejected a plan to halt the gas tax in California as gas prices skyrocket for drivers.

Assembly Bill 1638, introduced by Assemblymember Kevin Kiley in January, was dead on arrival in the legislature. The proposed bill, which was brought before state legislature early before prices had taken huge price hike, would have suspended the gas tax for six months. State Republicans are rallied together before the vote to support the bill -- Assembly Leader James Gallagher hope to send a message.

Governor Gavin Newsom pitched the idea of suspending July's upcoming gas tax increase earlier this year, expected to be about 3 cents a gallon. Last week in his State of the State address, Newsom suggested keeping the gas tax in place, but reimbursing individual Californians through rebate checks as it was active.

Later-on in the day during the Assembly floor session, Republicans moved to advance their bill AB 1638. No state Democrats voted for the measure.

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