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Governor Newsom Signs Law Reversing Court Ruling For UC Berkeley Enrollment

UC Berkeley To Begin Fall Semester With Online-Only Courses

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Governor Newsom has signed a new law that reverses a recent court ruling that ordered administrators at UC Berkeley to turn away thousands of students because the university does not have enough student housing.

The bill was passed unanimously by both the California State Assembly and the State Senate, which overrides a California Supreme Court decision that capped UC Berkeley enrollment at Fall 2021 levels. The university reported that it would have to cut enrollment by more than 2,600 students if the court decision remained in place.

However, residents who live near UC Berkeley are not pleased the Governor's new law. “We hope that Governor Newsom recognizes that SB 118 will hurt students more than help and not sign this bill. UC Berkeley does not have the capacity to handle more students, and more than 10% of current Berkeley students suffer homelessness during their education. In addition, more than 15% suffer from food insecurity,” said Phil Bokovoy, President of Save Berkeley’s Neighborhoods, in a statement. “We don’t want new students to have to live in cars, campers and hotel rooms like they are in Santa Barbara.”

The court ruling earlier this month that limited UC Berkeley enrollment stunned lawmakers, parents and anxious applicants awaiting to hear if they would be admitted this fall.

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