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Democrats At Capitol Floating Proposal For $400 Gas Rebate

U.S. Gas Prices Soar To Record National Average

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This morning Democrats at the Capitol are now floating a proposal to give every Californian a $400 rebate to pay for gas.

Governor Newsom spoke of his plan to halt the gas tax in California temporarily in his state of the union. The Governor has been working with Legislature to create a tax relief package after promising in his State of the State address last week to get money back to Californians who have been stung financially by the high rise in gas prices.

The proposal comes as pressure is building to help Californians struggling with prices at the pump, as well as increases in the costs of food, rent and other daily essentials and needs. Republican lawmakers have been pushing to suspend the state’s highest-in-the-nation state gas tax temporarily — at 51 cents per gallon — but that move appears unlikely to happen due to opposition from Democratic legislative leadership.

Several of the Democratic lawmakers who support the rebate proposal are generally viewed as business-aligned moderates in the Assembly Democratic caucus. They have scheduled a Thursday press conference to provide more details.

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