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California Lawmaker Proposing Repeal For State Sanctuary Law

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This morning a California lawmaker is proposing a plan to repeal the state's sanctuary law.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, Republican, has announced a bill that would reverse state law that took away the ability of local law enforcement to notify federal authorities about the release of an illegal immigrant from jail. The law itself was originally set back in 2017, and limited the ability of local law enforcement to notify federal authorities on releases of undocumented immigrants from jail. "It was a bill specifically designed not to help immigrants, not even to help all undocumented immigrants, but rather, it was a special protection extended to those who are both in the country illegally and have committed crimes while here," said Kiley.

Earlier this month, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones also said on Facebook that U.S. immigration policies and California's sanctuary state laws were to blame for unnecessary crimes int he state. "Because of California’s Sanctuary State laws, the jail is prohibited from accepting the detainer or communicating with ICE, so he walked out of jail a free man," Jones wrote. "Free to kill four people five days later."

Kiley's bill, AB 1708, was introduced Monday, where it will head to a committee before being heard.

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