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Senate Hearings Continue For Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson

Senate Holds Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings For Ketanji Brown Jackson

Photo: Getty Images

Today will be day three of Senate hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in her Supreme Court nomination.

The confirmation hearings for the newest Supreme Court nominee continued on Capitol Hill Wednesday as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Jackson for nearly 13 hours Tuesday, and will get another chance to review President Biden's historic nominee today. If confirmed, Judge Brown Jackson would be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court - she acknowledged the historic nature of her nomination in her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

"My parents grew up in Florida under lawful segregation, and what that means is that when they were coming through middle school and high school they were not allowed to go to school with white students," she said. "What my being here I think is about, at some level, is about the progress we've made in this country in a very short period of time."

Watch the proceedings live below on NBC News.

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