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California Authorities Uncover Massive Amounts Of Fentanyl In Drug Bust

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Authorities in Southern California say they found enough fentanyl during a drug bust to kill more than 4.5 million people. 

Officials say they found over 20 pounds of fentanyl pills, 821 lbs of meth, and nearly 190 pounds of cocaine in a minivan pulling out of an Orange County home. 35 year old Edgar Alfonso Lamas and 53 year old Carlos Raygoza Paredes have since been arrested. Prosecutors say authorities pulled over the minivan leaving a home in Buena Park, California on March 17.According to the district attorney's office, a lethal dose of fentanyl is 2 milligrams, and Southern authorities nabbed 20.5 pounds, which they say is enough to kill 4.7 million people. Last November, the Orange County D.A. made an announcement that a drug dealer or distributor of drugs could be charged with murder if it was determined their drug activities resulted in someone's death.

If convicted as charged, the two could serve over 37 years in prison.Each man is being held on $5 million in bail, and a preliminary hearing is set for June.

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