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California Experiencing First Heat Wave Of The Year

It's only early April but California is already dealing with its first triple digit heat wave of the year.

CalFire is concerned about fire weather while the heart waves takes over the Golden State amid the statewide drought, and officials say it's easy to find more tips to beat the heat at their one-stop website, ready-for-wildfire-dot-org. Other tips include having a go-bag ready and planning your evacuation route beforehand in the case of a fire emergency, and drivers are reminded that the underside of a vehicle can become hot enough to start a fire if you pull over into tall grass. Officials also warn be sure your car or truck is not dragging anything behind it which could cause a spark.

Hot, dry air has been creeping through the state throughout the week, but forecasters say the weekend will bring a significant drop in temperatures across California and could even potentially bring in precipitation and rain later into the month. Weather forecasts called for more of the same conditions that broke or tied heat records up and down the state on Thursday.

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