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Sacramento City Crews To Start Cleaning Homeless Camps

Homeless Struggle To Maintain New Encampment In Sacramento

Photo: Getty Images

Sacramento City crews will start clearing a homeless camp in the Arden-arcade neighborhood near the intersection of Howe Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard.

Neighborhood residents and business owners have been complaining for months about the massive campsite and have been urging local leaders to clean it up. Crews will fence it off and prepare the land to lease it to a local group by mid-April. Earlier this year, Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies gave out surveys to businesses and residential complexes in the area, asking respondents to write down activity that is “illegal or a nuisance.”

The city announced in a blog post Thursday that it entered into a lease agreement with a “local group that expressed interest in this property.”

“The lease agreement is conditioned on repairing damage to the city’s water, irrigation and sewer systems and fencing the property,” Assistant City Manager Chris Conlin said in the blog post. “Because this work will involve heavy equipment, our Public Works Department will need to designate the property as a work zone and require the property to be vacated for safety reasons. This repair work is set to begin on April 11.”

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