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Massive Sacramento Homeless Camp Has Been Removed

Homeless Struggle To Maintain New Encampment In Sacramento

Photo: Getty Images

A massive homeless camp in Sacramento has been removed. 

After months of residential complaints, CalTrans crews and law enforcement cleared out those who were illegally camping at the corner of Howe Avenue and Fair Oaks Blvd. The City of Sacramento owns the nearly 1-acre plot and is set to lease out the land after repairs are made to the irrigation, water, and sewer systems, then a 6-foot-tall iron fence will be built around it. "Because this work will involve heavy equipment, our Public Works Department will need to designate the property as a work zone and require the property to be vacated for safety reasons," said assistant city manager Chris Conlin. The city eventually wants to sell the property.

Back in February, the County DA's office started looking into the property over the growing safety concerns for the conditions and impact on the neighborhood. The parcel sits right on the border between city and county jurisdiction. The city of Sacramento said it has offered resources, including available shelter space, mental health and substance use disorder assessments, ID vouchers, connections to general assistance and CalFresh to the homeless individuals who were removed from the camp..

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