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Sacramento Police Looking For Third Suspect In Mass Shooting

Early Morning Shooting In Sacramento Leaves 6 Dead

Photo: Getty Images

Sacramento police say they are looking for a third suspect that was involved in the downtown mass shooting that left six people dead and 12 injured. 

Authorities said Mtula Payton is believed to be one of the five shooters from the shooting. Payton has multiple felony warrants for domestic violence and gun charges. After looking over the evidence they have so far, police said Smiley Martin, Dandrae Martin and Payton are all believed to have fired their guns during the shooting. “We’re still looking at how many shooters there actually was. There may be more than 5 shooters. We have information at this point to say there was at least 5 shooters,” Sgt. Eaton said. Currently, police don't know where Payton is, saying they've exhausted their leads. They're calling on the public to try and track him down. "Anybody with any information related to Mr. Payton’s whereabouts, please call us and let us know because he needs to be taken into custody for his warrants," Sgt. Eaton said. 

“Our goal is to conduct as thorough an investigation as possible, so that the District Attorney has all the information she needs to present cases that will bring justice to the families of the victims and our entire community,” said Sacramento Chief of Police Kathy Lester. “The investigation has moved very quickly in this first week, and it will continue until we can present prosecutors and the public with a complete picture of this terrible crime.”

Sgt. Eaton has said the department has also stepped up officer staffing in the downtown area, and other areas that are primarily impacted by certain gangs and crimes in the city. 

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