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Woman Who Faked Her Own Kidnapping Enters Guilty Plea

The woman who faked her own kidnapping nearly six years ago is entering a guilty plea. 

According to a Sacramento Bee report, Sherry Papini of Redding is admitting to charges that involve lying to a federal officer and mail fraud. In a statement released by her defense attorney, Papini said she plans to work for the rest of her life to make amends for her actions. "I am deeply ashamed of myself for my behavior and so sorry for the pain I've caused my family, my friends, all the good people who needlessly suffered because of my story and those who worked so hard to try to help me," Papini said in an official statement. "I will work the rest of my life to make amends for what I have done."

Papini allegedly faked her own kidnapping in 2016 and hid at an ex-boyfriend's place while rescue crews conducted a three-week search looking for her. Papini was charged with making false statements to a federal law enforcement officer and mail fraud while under investigation, and she agreed to plead guilty to one count of each, prosecutors said Tuesday in a statement. She faces a maximum sentences of 25 years in prison and up to $500,000 in fines.

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