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California Public Hearing Held On Inmate Early Release

Shackles on legs of inmate

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The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation held a public hearing about the expansion of the credit making system that allows inmates to qualify for early release. 

The purpose of the hearing yesterday was to expand the Good Conduct Credits program for inmates. Proposed originally in December of 2021, the CDCR proposed updated emergency regulations in which inmates who participate in programs such as firefighting and are non-violent may be released from prison early. Those changes may be made permanent if the CDCR moves forward. The only inmates that are ineligible, are ones who are death-sentenced or sentenced to life without parole.The virtual hearing included a public comment section, which reportedly lasted nearly five hours. Department officials say the program avoids recidivism while those who don't support the program believe the policies are causing violence. "We believe it works. Our experience is it does work and it changes conduct and it enhances public safety,” Mark Taylor, a Hope and Redemption Team Northern Regional manager with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, said. This comes after the public learned about the early release of one of the alleged downtown Sacramento shooters, which was a result of the incentive credit program.

In a statement from the CDCR released to KCRA, they have reported that they "will review all input from the public following the end of the public comment period, and continue following the regulatory process pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.”

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